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We Provide Complete Solutions for Tanks, Vessels & Piping

Tanks & Vessels

At Walsh Steel Fabrication, we have the expertise to build a wide range of process & storage tanks as well as vessels for various industries & applications that meet client specifications, national & international standards. Common projects include:

  • Customised tanks
  • Stainless steel polypropylene tanks
  • Stainless steel storage tanks
  • Stainless steel fuel tanks
  • Carbon steel aeration tanks
  • Flocculation tanks
  • Customised vessels
  • Pressure vessels
  • Jacketed vessels & much more

We specialise in the fabrication, installation, repair, modification, inspection & testing of various types of tanks, vessels & piping.

Piping & Components

Our team has extensive experience in the fabrication & repair of process piping required in various industries including Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Refinery, Fertiliser & Mining. Common piping projects include:

  • Customised piping solutions
  • Stainless steel pipe spools
  • Carbon steel pipe spools
  • Painted carbon pipe spools

We also provide installation, inspection, testing & rubber lining services. At Walsh Steel Fabrication we pride ourselves on delivering complete, high-quality & cost-effective project solutions for all clients.

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