Overhead cranes

Installation, Load Test & Commissioning

Install, Load Test & Commission

Walsh Steel Fabrication has a dedicated & professional project team for site installations of overhead cranes with the expertise to load test & commission. We provide nation-wide installations for overhead cranes produced by us as well as material handling products manufactured by other companies. Our installation crews have the skills & expertise to install overhead cranes in complex & hazardous areas safely & on schedule.  

Load test & commissioning procedures are carried out in accordance with AS1418.3 which requires the Maximum Rated Capacity (MRC) to be applied at the maximum point of deflection; measuring the crane bridge deflection & comparing with calculated deflections; removing the load & noting permanent deflection. The hoisting brakes, speed & input current are also to be checked at MRC & 110% of MRC. On completion of the commissioning phase, our clients are provided with an accurate & comprehensive report stipulating the details of all test results.

Providing Complete Turnkey  Project Solutions

You can rely on Walsh Steel Fabrication to provide full turnkey services for new overhead crane installations. This can also include the decommissioning & removal of the old overhead crane & associated electrical components, as well conducting crane runway repairs & crane rail surveys.

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