Assess the Condition of your Crane Runway

Periodic Runway Inspections

We have a highly experienced in-house runway division that provides a comprehensive crane runway inspection program. The runway inspection has been designed to comply with the requirements of AS1418. Engineering inspection methods & state of the art survey equipment are used to perform a complete analysis on the condition of runway systems. 

Our qualified inspection team will perform thorough visual checks of the entire runway structure. This includes:

  • Runway beams/girders & columns (Including column tiebacks)
  • Runway end stops
  • Footings & grout
  • Critical weld areas
  • Crane rails
  • Rail fastening systems (rail clips, rail clamps, & bolts)

Structural attachments welded to the crane runway will also be visually assessed & determined whether the additions are permitted in accordance with the applicable standards & original design. On completion of the crane runway inspection, a comprehensive report highlighting the condition of the crane runway with key findings & proposed remedial recommendations will be provided.  Further assessment of the runway structure may require a crane rail survey or non-destructive testing (NDT) of critical weld areas.

The frequency of crane runway inspections is dependent on variances in the level of overhead crane usage, design criteria & industry standards. The primary frequency of inspection is recommended to be no greater than 24 months. However, as time progresses, the inspection frequency may rise to 12 or 6 months which is subject to the data gathered & prior assessment records. Based on our inspector’s complete assessment of the runway, appropriate recommendations can be provided on inspection intervals to ensure the safe continued use of your runway system.

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